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​​Win 2012 Grammy Nominees CD plus CD Library of Grammy-nominated Artists


  1. SIGN UP:  If you do not already have the RingBack tones feature, call 611 from your wireless phone or add the feature yourself via My Account.
  2. SIGN IN: at our RingBacks Website (It takes about 10 minutes after adding the feature in My Account before you will be able to sign in.)
    • Enter your 10-digit phone number
    • Enter your password - First time users will use the last four digits of your phone number as the password
    • Click OK
  3. BUY TONES: Download any Ringback Tone from the "Grammy Artitst" category. Just browse, preview and purchase them right from our website and we'll charge it to your wireless bill or your prepaid account.
  4. RINGBACKS VIA MOBILE WEB: Use your mobile web browser to browse and buy your RingBack tones. (Data package recommended)
    • Go to the mobile web browser on your phone, select Downloads, select RingBacks
    • Enter your 10-digit phone number and password and select OK
    • Select "Buy!" to browse to any "Grammy Artitst" category Ringback Tone and purchase desired tones
    • Note: You must first sign in to your account on our RingBacks Website before you will be able to use the mobile version.


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