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How To Send Messages | nTelos Wireless

How To: Messaging

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Send Text Messages

Texting helps you stay in touch with the people you love at all times- even when it's not the right moment to make a phone call.

To send a text:

  • Select message inbox.
  • Select "Create a New Text or SMS Message."
  • Type your message and the phone number of the contact whom you'd like to text.
  • Select "Send."

Note: A text message may be no longer than 160 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Use a 10-digit format (8045550000) for recipient phone numbers. Message recipients must have service with a participating text messaging carrier and a text messaging-enabled phone. To add a Text Messaging package, call 611 from your nTelos Wireless phone. Text messaging may not be available while roaming. If your phone is turned off, the phone's memory is full, or you are outside the nTelos text messaging service area, the network will store and re-send any messages for up to 3 days. Messages not delivered within 3 days will be deleted. Phones may not confirm message delivery failure. Messages sent to a distribution list are billed per recipient. Short code messages may result in additional charges.

Send and Receive Email Messages (via SMS)

Email is another way to stay in touch, make plans, and do business without making phone calls. Various email apps can be used on smartphones to manage your email messages. But ALL nTelos Wireless cell phones- smartphones and feature phones- can send and receive email messages via SMS. Follow these instructions to send and receive emails through SMS.

To send an email to an nTelos Wireless phone from the internet:

  • Log into your email account online.
  • Address an e-mail message to a 10-digit nTelos phone number + "" (For example, to email someone at the number (804)555-0000 address the email message to

To send an email from your phone to any email address:

  • Select message inbox.
  • Select "Create a New Text or SMS Message."
  • Simply address your message to any e-mail address ( Type your message as desired.
  • Select "Send."

Note: E-mail messages sent via SMS may be no longer than 160 characters, including the e-mail address, message, spaces and punctuation.

To receive an email via SMS:

  • E-mail messages transmitted through SMS are accessed just like text messages.
  • Select message inbox to view saved email messages. ​​