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Pass 4 Cash Sweepstakes |nTelos Wireless
Pass 4 Cash

Register For A Chance To Play And Win Big!

Are you a college football fan? How would you like to win up to $5,000 in cash and free airfare to one of many U.S. destinations?

Just register for the annual nTelos Wireless Pass-For-Cash contest presented by Samsung Mobile!

If you're a randomly selected Pass-For-Cash contestant, you'll play for your prize. During halftime of your school's home game, you'll toss two regulation size footballs at a target 10-yards aw​ay. Wherever the football lands will determine the location of your trip and the cash amount of your prize! If your pass hits the bullseye, you could win $5,000!

So are you ready to play Pass-For-Cash? Registration is quick and easy. 

JMU Pass-For-Cash Registration