Final notice - the nTelos network is shutting down!

On Oct. 9th you will no longer have access to your phone’s data service. Soon, all your voicemail messages will be deleted, texting and calling capabilities will cease, and your cell phone number will no longer be available. To transfer your number to Sprint, act immediately by calling 1-855-MIGRATE (1-855-644-7283) or visiting a migration store location near you.


The good news is...
When you visit your local Sprint/nTelos store to migrate your account, you’ll receive:


The better news is...
With Sprint, things will get better and better and better.

Ready to migrate?
Download your migration checklist, visit your local Sprint migration store, or call us to make an appointment to migrate your account or learn more at 1-855-MIGRATE (1-855-644-7283).

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nTelos is now Sprint

Want to learn more?

Below is a series of Frequently Asked Questions to help nTelos customers better understand the migration details:

Will the nTelos retail stores remain open? Will nTelos stores change their name?

Almost all of the nTelos stores have become Sprint retail stores, operated by many of the same people who were serving you and with additional staff to continue to provide you with the high level of customer service you have been receiving. You are encouraged to continue to utilize the newly named Sprint retail locations just as you have in the past to make payments or ask questions about your nTelos bills or to receive technical assistance.

What is the timeline for this transaction? When will the customer migration take effect?

nTelos service will end on September 30, 2017. To migrate your account call 1-855-644-7283 or visit your local migration store location (found by clicking on the Store Locator button). Migrate early to avoid service interruptions and keep your current phone number.

How will my service change?

As of September 30, 2017, nTelos service will cease to exist. You are encouraged to migrate your account early to avoid service interruptions and keep your current phone number. Call 1-855-644-7283 for more information.

What about the network?

Good Things. We are continuously upgrading the nTelos network locally, allowing it to operate as part of Sprint’s enhanced 4G LTE network nationwide. Over the past year we have nearly doubled the 4G LTE coverage nTelos offered, and we will complete our 4G LTE expansion in the nTelos footprint this year. Futhermore, we have added over 60 new cell sites to our local network and will continue to invest in new cell sites. That means more coverage in more places, stronger signals and much faster downloads.

Will my rate plans stay the same?

Yes. You will stay on your current phone and rate plan until you move to Sprint. When you visit a store to move your account to Sprint, you will be given at least two options:

  1. You will be given the option to move to a customized Sprint rate plan that matches your existing nTelos plan for the same price you pay today. If you choose this option, you will not need to sign a new contract – your current contract and plan will continue with Sprint.
  2. Or you will be given the option to sign up for any other Sprint plan available at the time of your migration which may better fit your current wireless needs.

How will my coverage change?

For the better! We are committed to investing approximately $350 million to upgrade and expand the nTelos local network to allow it to operate as part of the Sprint enhanced 4G LTE network. Over the next two years, we will be adding more than 150 additional coverage sites and rolling out major network upgrades in your area. That means more coverage in more places, stronger signals and faster downloads.

Will my monthly bills change?

Until you move your account to the Sprint billing system, you will continue to receive bills from nTelos as usual. However, nTelos service is ending on September 30, 2017. Once you move your account to the Sprint billing system, your billing format will change and will be Sprint branded, but the price you pay for your service will not go up if you opt to keep your current plan and rate!

Am I still under my current nTelos agreements?

Yes. If you have an existing nTelos Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) or contractual agreement, you will retain your current terms.

Will my current device work before and after the migration?

Yes, you will keep and use your current device, which will continue working with no change in features or functionality until nTelos service ends on September 30, 2017. When you migrate to Sprint your phone will need to be updated or replaced, depending on the type of phone you have. There are several options available iPhone customers which your sales rep will be glad discuss with you. If you have any other handset, we will need to replace your handset with a new Sprint phone, similar or better to the one you have, so that you can utilize all of the network upgrades being built over the next few years.

What do I have to do to switch to Sprint?

Visit your local migration location store (found at the Store Locator button) or call 1-855-644-7283 early to avoid service interruption and keep your current phone number. For the best migration experience:

■ Bring all the devices with you that are currently active on your account.

■ Know the phone numbers for each device.

■ Write down Pin or Password information.

■ Back up the content on your device, for instructions, go to

What happens if I don’t want to become part of Sprint?

If you do not want to become part of Sprint, you can your change wireless carrier when your contract expires. However, please keep in mind that the Sprint Advantage offer includes:

■ You will receive a $50 credit to use toward your nTelos account, Sprint account or accessories when you migrate to Sprint. This is a $50 credit per line and is valid until September 30, 2017.

■ We are now offering a 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee for all migrating customers. Try Sprint risk free!

■ nTelos customers will receive a similar plan from Sprint to what they currently have with nTelos, and the same great customer service from many of the same employees and stores in the nTelos service area!

■ Many customers will receive a free replacement phone from Sprint that is equal to or better than their current phone. iPhone customers have several options available to them best discussed with your sales rep.

■ Customers can expect to receive better regional 4G LTE coverage with Sprint which means a clearer signal, fewer dropped calls and faster download speeds than they had with nTelos.

■ Customers will have the option to upgrade their nTelos plan to a Sprint Unlimited talk, text and data plan, or keep their existing plan and pricing!

■ Customers will join a wireless provider that is committed to delivering superior service by adding additional staff to existing stores, and by adding even more local locations and more local assistance in helping customers to find the right plan and device.

■ Customers will move to Sprint, the nationwide company with a wide range of plans and phone options, both for individuals and shared data plans for families that are on a monthly budget.

■ Customers will have access to Sprint’s device purchasing options including Sprint Flex and the Galaxy Forever and iPhone Forever upgrade programs. All plans will be available at third party “big-box” distributors like Best-Buy, Wal-Mart, Costco, for additional convenience.

■ Customers will have access to Sprint services like Total Equipment Protection (TEP) insurance plan or the Sprint Family Locator which help keeps track of your children’s safety and whereabouts, as well as Sprint Zone, which gives you access to your account directly from your device.

Who should I contact with questions about my nTelos account?

You should continue to call nTelos customer care, or visit your local Sprint store until you are transitioned to Sprint.

What if I have a Business Account?

You will be contacted by your account representative.

Call 1-855-MIGRATE