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Privacy Notice

As a customer of nTelos Wireless, you are entitled to know the collection and disclosure of personally identifiable customer information. You are entitled to know the type of personally identifiable information collected, how such information is used, under what conditions it is disclosed, the period during which it is maintained and the rights of customers concerning access to such information and its disclosure.

Collection and Use. To better provide you with reliable service, nTelos Wireless keeps regular business records that contain the following types of personally identifiable information: name, service address, billing address, home and/or other telephone number(s), social security number or driver's license number, service information, and customer correspondence and communications records. We also maintain information concerning billing, payment, security deposits, maintenance and repairs, equipment on customer's premise, as well as other service-related information.

We collect, maintain and use this information, generally to conduct business activities related to providing you with services. We cannot use your personal information without your written consent unless it is collected for purposes outlined in this notice. Our detailed business records are used, and personal information contained in them disclosed, generally to help ensure you are being properly billed for the services you receive, to send you pertinent information regarding your services, to improve the quality of the services we provide to you, and for other service-related activities. More specifically, this information is used for financial, legal, tax and accounting purposes, to install, maintain and disconnect services, to bill and collect charges for the services that you receive, to gauge customer mailings and to answer questions from you concerning your bill and services provided to you. We take all reasonable precautions to identify you or your authorized representative as the inquirer on your account and to otherwise prevent unauthorized access to your account information.

Disclosure. nTelos Wireless considers the personally identifiable information contained in our business records to be confidential and will not disclose it without your prior written or electronic consent except as provided in this notice. We may disclose this information, however, if the disclosure is necessary for rendering or conducting a legitimate business activity related to a service nTelos Wireless provides to you. To provide and manage our services, we may release information for legitimate business purposes. The types of persons to whom personal information may be disclosed in the course of our business include our employees, attorneys, agents, affiliates, accountants, billing and collection services, and suppliers. Your consent is not required for us to make such disclosures for legitimate business purposes.

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