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Voice Features

The Voice Features offered to nTelos Wireless customers enhan​ce the wireless experience. We want to make sure you have all the features you need to communicate nationwide with everyone - whenever and however you want. Check out all the free and optional voice features available with nTelos! Contact us for more information.

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Caller ID

Every nTelos Wireless customer has caller ID. When you receive a phone call, the caller ID on your mobile phone displays the phone number of the person calling you. If the caller is already saved as a contact in your phone’s directory, your mobile phone will display the name of the contact (i.e. Mom’s Phone).

When you make a call out, “NTELOS PCS” and your phone number is sent to the person you are calling. To block recognition of your number on another party's Caller ID, press *67 before dialing the other party's number. With this option, you must dial *67 each time you wish to block Caller ID recognition.

Enhanced Caller ID

Enhanced Caller ID gives you even more information about who’s calling you. This optional feature displays the following info for each incoming call:

  • Name (if available)
  • City (if available)
  • State (if available)
  • Phone number

How it Works:

  • Receiving a call from a residential landline, your phone will display: Smith John 540-555-1234
  • Receiving a call from a business landline, your phone will display: WALMART 540-555-1234
  • Receiving a call from an nTelos wireless phone, your phone will display: NTELOS PCS 540-555-1234
  • Receiving a call from any other wireless phone, your phone will display: Cell Phone 540-555-1234
  • Some wireless carriers pass additional information, such as city and/or state.
  • Outgoing calls are not affected with Enhanced Caller ID.


  • For Postpay Customers: $1.99 per line per month
  • For Prepay Customers: $2.00 per line per month

This feature is not available in 1X markets or when roaming off of the nTelos network.


Voicemail is a free service that accepts incoming calls when your phone is busy or unreachable. After approximately 30 seconds of ringing, the caller will be automatically transferred to your voicemail box. Upon leaving a message, an icon at the top of your phone will serve as notification that you have a new message waiting.

the nTelos Voicemail service includes:

  • 7 day message retention for saved and new messages
  • 1 minute message length maximum
  • 15 message capacity
  • One 30 second personalized greeting

To access voicemail from your phone:

  • On a feature phone, access "Messaging" and then choose "Voicemail."
  • On a smartphone, select "Voicemail" from the notification bar at the top of your screen.
  • Alternatively, dial your mobile phone number from your mobile device.

To set up your voicemail:

  • If you have never set up your voicemail before, your default pass code will be 9999.
  • A recording will walk you through choosing a language, setting up a pass code, recording a message, and recording your name in the voicemail box.

nHanced Voicemail

This optional feature allows your wireless phone to act as a mobile messaging center. nHanced Voicemail offers much more than the basic voicemail service. Features include:

  • Storage capacity of up to 45 messages
  • Expanded message save time of 14 days
  • Warning threshold of 5 remaining voicemails available in your mailbox
  • Option to schedule different greeting recordings
  • Option to set up broadcast lists
  • Option to redirect voicemail messages and associated comments to any nTelos nHanced voicemail subscriber


  • $4.95 per month

Directory Services

For only $1.99 per call, nTelos Directory service provides you with fast, reliable information solutions that you can't get with standard directory assistance. Just dial 411 from your mobile phone for the info you need - and receive a text message of the listing at no additional charge. Features of 411 Plus include:

  • Automatic call completion
  • White and Yellow Pages listings
  • Business category searches
  • Movie Listings and show times
  • Restaurant Listings
  • Stock quotes and sports scores

Save big with our "5 For 5" deal! Purchase a directory assistance package of 5 calls for only $5.00. (That's a savings of $4.95!)

Anonymous Call Blocking

With this service all incoming anonymous, restricted, or private calls are blocked regardless of where they originate. The incoming restricted caller will receive the following recorded message: "We're sorry; the nTelos Wireless number you are calling does not accept calls from numbers designated as private or unknown." With Anonymous Call Blocking, your phone does not ring or receive notification that an anonymous call was attempted to your phone.

However, if your phone is turned off or you are out of the service area, calls will be directed to your voicemail.


  • Postpay and Prepay Customers: $4.99 per line per month

Call Waiting

Call Waiting is a free feature that notifies you with a beep when you receive an incoming call while on the line with an existing call. To switch to the incoming call, simply press SEND or ANSWER. To switch back to the original call, press SEND or ANSWER a second time. Continue to switch between calls as needed until one or both calls are finished.

To avoid interruptions from the Call Waiting feature during an individual call, press *70 before dialing out. This immediately directs anyone who calls during your conversation to your Voicemail.

3-Way Calling

The free 3-Way Calling feature allows you to introduce a third party to your calling session. Just follow these steps:

  1. Press SEND to put the first party on hold.
  2. Dial the third party and press SEND.
  3. Once the third party answers, press SEND again to connect all parties together in one call session.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is a free feature that allows you to automatically send calls to another number. You can set up Call Forwarding to work under a few different scenarios:

  • No-Answer Call Forwarding - Dial *71 + Forwarding Number + SEND to forward calls to another location if you do not answer.
  • To deactivate No-Answer Call Forwarding - Dial *710
  • Unconditional Call Forwarding - Dial *72 + Forwarding Number + SEND to forward all calls. Phone will never ring.
  • To deactivate Unconditional Call Forwarding - Dial *720

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