nTelos Wireless Services

Wireless Services

nTelos Wireless offers a menu of services to help you stay connected and stay in control. Communicate with everyone nationwide - whenever and however you like. And let us help you tailor your billing settings to meet your needs.

Unbilled Usage Inquiry

This feature allows you to keep track of minutes, text, and data used on your account at any time during the billing month- for free! To check your usage:

  • For Postpay Customers - Dial #BAL (#225) from your phone to check your current account balance or choose to have your current usage sent to you as a text message.
  • For Prepay Customers - Dial #369 from your phone to retrieve your current account balance and minutes balance.

*Note: This information may not include a complete account of Long Distance or Roaming charges accumulated over the past couple days.

Full Detailed Billing

This feature provides you with an itemization of calling details (time of day, call duration, where the call originated, and call destination for local and long distance calls). It also provides text messaging details for the previous month.

You may sign up for Detailed Billing through your nTelos sales associate or by calling Customer Care. The cost is dependent upon your specific wireless package. For packages with unlimited minutes, the rate for Detailed Billing is $5.99 per month per line of service. For limited-minute packages, the rate is $3.99 per month. If you have paperless-only billing, you will receive detailed billing for free.

Auto-Pay Billing Service

Schedule automatic payments of your nTelos Wireless bill online or over the phone. Set it and forget it! Learn more about auto-pay.

Device Protection

Protect your device against all that life may throw at it. Choose your level of coverage agains loss, theft, liquid or physical damage, mechanical or electrical failures, etc. Learn more about device protection.

Voice Features

Enhance your wireless experience with many different free and optional voice features available to nTelos Wireless customers. Learn more about voice features.